The Design Considerations:

towers#1. The first consideration was that the ICE KRACKER® must be very pointed at the impact end so the ice would be shattered easily. A pointed end also means a minimum of force would be imparted on the device reducing the possibility of it moving on the guy wire. The cone shape of the ICE KRACKER® with a hole for the guy wire through the center meets these requirements.

#2. The ICE KRACKER® must be easily installed on the cable at a level reachable from the ground or with a short ladder. The installation of ICE KRACKER® must be done leaving the guy wire intact and not requiring any special tools. Again, the ICE KRACKER® fills these requirements. The ICE KRACER® is a two piece device with each piece being half a cone. The guy wire hole is along the center line of each cone piece. The two cone halves are bolted together into the cone shape with four standard SAE bolts. The positioning on the guy wire is recommended at three feet above any hardware, dampener or guy wire grip so that any movement on impact by an ice slide will not cause the anchoring grip to buckle or any other damage. A protective device should NEVER be mounted on or against a guy wire grip.

#3. The material composition for the ICE KRACKER® must be very strong, rust and corrosion resistant. Aluminum is soft and will peel. Aluminum will form a scale on the surface when exposed to the elements. Aluminum also corrodes when it is in contact with a dissimilar metal as would be the case with galvanized guy wires. The ICE KRACKER® has fulfilled these requirements and avoided the problems associated with aluminum by using galvanized cast iron.


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