The Facts of Tower Icing!towers

Towers will fall during an ice storm for two basic reasons. The commonly known reason is the ice loading effect. The other reason is ice cylinders which have formed on the guy wires do not fall but slide down the guy wire impacting the guy wire grips with great force. On impact the grips are unwrapped or buckled which releases the guy wire causing the tower to fail. Guy wire vibration dampeners can also be severely damaged or stripped off the guy wires by ice slides. Repairing or replacing these dampeners can be very expensive.

What Can Be Done?

Since 1979 protection has been provided by the U.S. Patented ICE KRACKER ®. ICE KRACKERS® are in use in every ice region in the country.

What is an ICE KRACKER®?

It is a cone-shaped iron casting for mounting on guy wires of a tower to prevent ice slides from stripping guy wire grips, dampeners, and other hardware at the anchor points. The ICE KRACKER casting is galvanized for rust protection.

How are ICE KRACKERS® mounted?

The ICE KRACKERS® are provided with four bolts for mounting. They are mounted at the ground level end of a guy wire about three feet above any anchoring hardware or dampeners. The mounting bolts may be used to attach grounding cables since the ICE KRACKER® provides a very low resistance connection to the guy wire.


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